Partagas Cuban Cigars Logo, Made in Havana, Cuba.


Dive into the rich history of Partagas cigars at AuCigars. With a legacy dating back to 1845, Partagas has become synonymous with full-strength, earthy flavors that have captivated cigar enthusiasts for over 175 years.Our Partagas collection boasts a diverse range of meticulously crafted cigars, from the best-selling Serie D No. 4 to the monumental Lusitania and the intense Maduro No. 2. Handmade with Tripa Larga (long filler) and wrapped in traditional bands adorned with the brand's medals, each cigar is a testament to the brand's enduring dedication to quality and innovation. Celebrate the 175-year legacy of Partagas with our curated selection, including the exquisite Limited Edition releases and the iconic ‘Alphabet Series’. Experience the robust flavors, strength, and body of Partagas cigars, and add a piece of Cuban cigar history to your collection. Shop our exclusive range of Partagas cigars, available for shipping across Australia, only at AuCigars...READ MORE