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Originating in the vibrant streets of Havana in the mid-1800s, Ramon Allones cigars have long been cherished for their rich heritage and exceptional quality. As Australia's leading online cigar store, AuCigars is proud to bring you the finest selection of Ramon Allones cigars, each meticulously crafted to perfection.

At the heart of the Ramon Allones legacy lies a tale of innovation and artistry. Renowned for their lavishly adorned boxes, which serve as a testament to Cuban cigar marketing ingenuity, Ramon Allones was among the first to transform cigar packaging into a work of art. These intricately decorated boxes, adorned with colorful lithographs and medals, not only captivate the eye but also pay homage to the brand's illustrious history.

Founded in 1837 by the visionary Ramón Allones himself, the brand quickly rose to prominence, thanks to its distinctive packaging and unparalleled blend of flavors. Over the years, Ramon Allones underwent several ownership changes, each contributing to its enduring legacy and global acclaim.

Today, Ramon Allones continues to delight aficionados with a diverse range of cigar offerings, each meticulously crafted to deliver a memorable smoking experience. From the diminutive Small Club Coronas to the iconic Specially Selected robusto and the imposing Gigantes double corona, every cigar in the collection embodies the brand's commitment to excellence and tradition.

But Ramon Allones is more than just a cigar brand—it's a symbol of sophistication, innovation, and the timeless pursuit of perfection. From pioneering the use of cigar bands to creating exquisite limited edition releases, Ramon Allones remains at the forefront of the cigar industry, captivating enthusiasts with its bold flavors and unwavering dedication to quality.

Join us on a journey through the storied history of Ramon Allones cigars, where every puff is a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition, and the enduring spirit of Havana.